Washington County Roads: By the Numbers

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An overview of the road system maintained by Washington County's Department of Land Use & Transportation. All figures are for FY 2017-18.

Total Miles

The county road system consists of:

  • 1,295 centerline miles (669 miles in urban areas and 626 miles in rural areas)
  • 3,042 lane miles (313 within cities and 2,729 outside cities)

Pavement Condition

The average target PCI for the county's arterial and collector roads is 77, considered "good" by industry standards.

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Bridges, Culverts, Guardrails and Vegetation Management

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In addition to paved and gravel roads, the county maintains and repairs:

  • 186 bridges
  • 3,030 culverts
  • 863 shoulder miles of drainage ditches
  • 422 centerline miles of road striping
  • 204 centerline miles of gravel roads graded
  • 167 shoulder miles of roadside brush cutting

Customer Service Requests

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In FY 2017-18, the county acted on 2,043 customer-initiated requests for road service. Most requested were vegetation management, trash and debris removal, repair of potholes and rough roads, gravel road grading and drainage management.

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Additional resources:

  • Annual Reports from the Department of Land Use & Transportation
  • Washington County traffic counts
  • wc-roads, for road news, current and scheduled road work, road closures and traffic advisories