Tools LUT Uses to Carry Out Its Mission

Washington County's COMPREHENSIVE PLAN is a set of documents that establish general land use and transportation policies. They consider local concerns; social, economic, energy and environmental consequences; and the planning requirements of the region and the State. The Plan's components include:

The COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CODE, which establishes standards builders and developers must meet to protect the health, safety and welfare of citizens. The Code sets forth procedures for development review, including public notice requirements.

The COMPREHENSIVE FRAMEWORK PLAN FOR THE URBAN AREA, which includes policies and implementing strategies related to citizen involvement, natural resources, urbanization, housing, and public facilities and services. This plan is applicable to urban unincorporated areas within the Urban Growth Boundary. (The UGB is a line around the metropolitan area that indicates land that already is or can be developed at urban densities. Metro establishes the UGB.) Individual COMMUNITY PLANS require provision of necessary "urban" services - primarily sewer, water, and a balanced transportation system - for built-up and developing areas outside cities.

The RURAL/NATURAL RESOURCE PLAN, which guides development outside the UGB. The plan guides conservation and development according to the potential of the land and in accord with State and regional requirements.

The TRANSPORTATION PLAN, which sets forth policies and strategies to meet countywide transportation needs. It deals with roadway, transit, pedestrian and bicycle issues. The Transportation Plan classifies the county road system and identifies recommended improvements. It also establishes priorities for road maintenance activities.

ROAD DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION STANDARDS, which set out engineering standards for road improvements. They provide guidance for the private sector and county staff in the design and construction of public roads and associated improvements to the county's transportation system.