After Hours

Who can apply for after hours access?

Active members of the Oregon State Bar


How to apply for after hours access?

Contact us for the form. When you get it, make sure to select the Law Library (and any other bypass options you wish)
Return the form to the courthouse for processing


What happens after I apply for after hours access?

All departments that you are requesting access to need to approve your request. Once you have been approved, you will be issued a mag card. This card will allow you access to the Law Library after hours.


Is there anything specific I need to do when I access the Law Library after hours?

There will be a sign in sheet on the counter. Please fill out this as completely as possible, including time in and out. If you use any books, please leave them in one of the designated areas. If you print or make copies, standard charge rates apply ($0.10 per sheet of paper); you can use the charge book, fill out an IOU form, or place your money with a quick note on the table.


Have a question?

Please contact us at (503) 846-8880 or