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Washington County Custody and Parenting Time Order, Presiding Judge Order 286CV

Information for Parents sharing Custody or Parenting Time of Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Oregon Statewide Family Law Advisory Committee (SFLAC) Recommendations for Oregon Courts

The courts are operating on reduced hours and postponing matters not categorized as essential. See the court's website for details and hours.

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* This page is a research/resource guide from the Washington County Law Library. If you need to contact the court about an active case, or get records from a case filed in Washington County, call the Circuit Court's general information number (503-846-8888) or visit the Court Records Department website.


RESEARCH: Washington County and the State of Oregon have a wide range of print and online resources available for people who need to research family law and related legal issues. You will find links to many of those resources on this page and at the Oregon Legal Research Website and the Oregon Legal Research blog.

FAMILY LAW - DEFINED: The term "family law" includes these legal subjects: marriage, separation, divorce, custody, and child support. Other legal subjects related to family law include paternity, annulment, emancipation, termination of parental rights (TPR), grandparent rights, restraining orders (Family Abuse Prevention Act), etc.

FAMILY LAW "COURT": Family law cases may be heard in either circuit or juvenile court, depending on the facts, the county, and the laws that are being enforced.

ADOPTION, ETC.: Some legal cases that affect families are filed with the County Circuit Court's Probate Department. These include adoption, name change, guardianship, and conservatorship cases.


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