New County Website FAQ

Browsers - Which browser versions work best with the County Website?

A. The Washington County Website works best with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) Version 7 and above, Mozilla FireFox 1 through 3, and Apple Safari 2 and above. The Website was not programmed to operate with IE versions 6 and below.

New Website

How will the New Washington County Website be rolled out?

A. Because we are ALSO implementing a Content Management System featuring distributed web authoring, we will roll out the new website in three parts. Approximately half of the organization's content will move to the new website in the initial release. The content for the rest of the organization will move to the new site following. The Washington County Sheriff's Office will move to the new website following that.

What if I get an Error or Page Not Found Message trying to use my Bookmarks?

A. For some time after our new website release, Washington County will be operating two websites (old and new)as we migrate in a group-by-group fashion. You may find that bookmarks and links you have saved that went to specifc County web pages no longer work. We're doing our best to redirect old links to content that has moved to the NEW Website. In some cases we may have decided NOT to include the content in the NEW Website.

Update 12/12/2009: We have been fully migrated to the new website for some time now. However, you may still find a bookmark or link that you have saved that may result in an error as it tries to reach our old server.

Why is the Website displaying TWO differing styles of pages?

A. Because we are migrating the older, existing website to the new Website in two groups, the content and pages that are not migrated will remain on the older website. We will be linking and referencing that content FROM the new site. Therefore, two different styles will be displayed. When ALL of the website content is migrated to the new website, there will be ONE style.