2010 Levy Renewal Proposals

Release date: 05/26/2010
Sponsored by: Board of Commissioners

Board of Commissioners Approves Public Safety and Library Levy Proposals


The Board of Commissioners unanimously voted at their May 25, 2010, meeting to request that ballot language be drafted for two local option property tax levies this November to replace levies scheduled to expire in June 2011. Washington County anticipates placing the two measures before voters in this year's general election to continue funding public safety and library services while keeping the tax rates for each levy unchanged from current rates. If approved by voters, five-year levies would replace the expiring four-year levies beginning in July 2011.  

More information is available at the Washington County Levy Proposals Web page at:  

The Board of Commissioners plans to consider adoption of ballot language to renew the public safety and the library levies at their regular meeting on June 15, 2010.

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