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March 2019:

  • Urban Gleaners now serving Washington County
  • Tools to prevent the wasting of food
  • Association of Oregon Recyclers Spring Forum
  • A message from Oregon composters
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January 2019:

  • Workshop for food waste professionals
  • New Green Business Coordinator
  • Tigard-Tualatin schools start composting
  • Explore commute options
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November 2018:

  • Join quarterly roundtable events
  • BYOC (bring your own cup)
  • New Green Business Award Winners
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September 2018:

  • GoGreen Portland conference
  • Wasted food reduction webinar
  • Video: "Single Servings"
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July 2018:

  • Metro approves food scraps collection requirements
  • Grant opportunities open
  • Advisor wins Recycler of the Year award
  • Hillsboro schools start composting food scraps
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May 2018:

  • What To Recycle search tool
  • Empresas Small Business Development partnership
  • New Green Business Award winners
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March 2018:

  • Become a recycling expert with Recycling 101
  • New Green Business Award winners
  • Expanded bottle redemption program
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Winter 2018:

Fall 2017:

  • Special recycling notice
  • Get bonus incentives from EnergyTrust
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Summer 2017:

  • Get greener with EcoBiz
  • GoGreen Portland registration discounts
  • Recycle your old binders with OfficeMax/Office Depot
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Spring 2017:

  • Compostable bag discount
  • Gerber to host ResourceFull Use workshop May 18
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Winter 2017:

  • City of Hillsboro receives Green Business Award
  • DEQ supports food donation in Washington County
  • Upcoming ResourceFull Use workshops
  • Meet new Green Business Advisors
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Fall 2016:

  • Region to consider food scraps mandate
  • New polystyrene recycling resource
  • Newly-certified Green Businesses

Summer 2016:

  • More businesses are collecting food scraps
  • Washington County businesses donate food 
  • New service to help divert construction waste
  • Choose reusable or recycled content dishware 

Winter 2016:

  • The value of recycling
  • Upcoming conferences
  • An introduction to Adelante Mujeres
  • Durables over disposables