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Your guide to waste recycling and recycling at home. Print newsletters are delivered to Washington County residents once per year in the spring. E-newsletters are available quarterly, delivered to your email inbox when you sign up.

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Spring print newsletter 2020 (bilingual) — includes:

  • Bilingual recycling guide
  • Garbage and Recycling Day app
  • Recycle or Not resources
  • Reduce, reuse, repair and recycle at home

Spring 2020 (Spanish) — includes:

  • COVID-19 updates related to garbage and recycling
  • Voluntary restrictions on outdoor burning
  • Reuse and repair activities to try at home

Earth Day Special 2020 (Spanish) — includes:

  • Project Drawdown EcoChallenge
  • Additional Earth Day resources

Winter 2020 (Spanish) — includes:

  • Green cleaning
  • Recycle or Not resources
  • Welcome our new educators

Fall 2019 (Spanish) — includes:

  • Sustainable shopping
  • How to dispose of yard and garden items
  • Learn more about code enforcement

Summer 2019 (Spanish) — includes:

  • Food waste prevention tips
  • Find upcoming collection events
  • Green business assistance available

Spring print newsletter 2019 (bilingual) — includes:

  • Take the Eat Smart, Waste Less Challenge
  • Free produce storage guide
  • Keep plastic bags and wrap out of your home recycling

Winter 2019 (Spanish) — includes:

  • Plastic bag survey
  • climate change essay contest
  • PlanetCon recap
  • Follow up on Facebook

Fall 2018 (Spanish) — includes:

  • New recycling guide available
  • Winter weather announcements
  • Holiday waste reduction tips

Summer 2018 (Spanish) — includes:

  • 5 Things to keep out of your recycling bin (and why!)
  • Have SWR staff share information at your next community event

Spring 2018 (Spanish) — includes:

  • How to make your own greener cleaners
  • Tools to help you decide what to recycle and where
  • Tips for preventing food waste

Winter 2018 (Spanish) — includes:

  • Expansion January 1st of Oregon's Bottle Bill
  • Solid Waste Advisory Committee opening
  • Garbage and Recycling Day app and winter weather
  • New Facebook page for Solid Waste & Recycling
  • How to become a Green Business Leader

Fall 2017 — includes:

  • Special edition regarding disruption in recycling markets
  • Launch of Beaverton's residential compost program

Summer 2017 — includes:

  • Washington County Fair 2017 recap
  • Three reasons to save wasted food
  • Where and how to recycle old tires 
Spring 2017 — includes:
  • Starting April 1, refundable cans and bottles are worth 10 cents
  • What should go into you recycling roll cart
  • Not all plastics belong in curbside recycling
  • Getting to know Waste Management
Winter 2017 — includes:
  • Big things are happening with the Bottle Bill
  • Get ready for spring with discounts from Metro
  • Get winter weather updates with Garbage & Recycling Day tool

Fall 2016 — includes:

  • Bottle and can redemption increasing to 10 cents
  • Look up what to recycle and where
  • What to do with leaves
  • And more

Summer 2016includes: 

  • Metro is updating its garbage and recycling plans
  • Dispose of paint
  • How to prepare curbside recycling
  • Recycle and dispose of other items
  • And more

Spring 2016 — includes: 

  • Don't miss your garbage or recycling day ever again
  • Request a presentation
  • What to recycle at the curb
  • New "what to recycle and where" tool online
  • And more

Spring 2016 — includes:

  • Make your next home project green
  • Buy recycled paint
  • And more

Winter 2016 — includes:

  • Residents pledge to waste less food
  • Update your recycling IQ
  • What's in our garbage
  • Washington County wins award
  • And more

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