File a Complaint

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How is Our Service?

We are proud to serve the citizens of Washington County, so your feedback is important to us. Please follow these instructions to file a complaint or to offer constructive comments about Sheriff's Office personnel or services.

  • Call the Sheriff's Office at (503) 846-2700 and tell the receptionist you want to file a complaint

  • Call Sheriff Pat Garrett at (503) 846-2506

  • Send an e-mail to the Sheriff's Office

  • Complete a Complaint Form

  • Send the Sheriff a letter to 215 SW Adams Avenue MS #32, Hillsboro, OR 97123

  • Call non-emergency dispatch at (503) 629-0111 and ask to speak with an on-duty supervisor. 


Helpful Information

Please include the following facts and any additional information that will help ensure a thorough and fair investigation of your concerns:

  • The date, time, and location of the event or incident

  • Employee's name or description

  • Name, address, and phone numbers of any witnesses

  • A description of what happened to cause your complaint


While we prefer that you provide your name, address and telephone number, you may file a complaint anonymously.


Complaints about whether a traffic citation or an arrest was appropriate must be resolved via the court system.


How Complaints are Investigated

After we receive your complaint, a supervisor will contact you to discuss and clarify the issues. Complaints can often be resolved at this point, however, if you are not satisfied or if the supervisor feels the incident needs further investigation, the supervisor will conduct a preliminary investigation.


The preliminary investigation often involves interviews with the named employee and any witnesses. The supervisor shares the results of the preliminary investigation with Undersheriff John Koch and Sheriff Pat Garrett to determine whether further investigation is appropriate.


We strive to complete all complaint investigations within 30 days. Occasionally, an investigation will take longer than 30 days; if we extend the due date for investigating your complaint, we will let you know. If you provide your name and address, we will also send you a letter when the investigation is complete.  Please note that public records relating to a disciplinary action, materials, or documents supporting a discipline action are exempt from disclosure.