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Forensic Science Unit

A Criminalist photographs a vehicle at a crime scene

Forensic science is one of the fastest growing areas of law enforcement.  Advances in scientific technology have helped law enforcement go high tech in solving crimes.  Through the use of lasers, computers, and chemicals, evidence is being discovered that was never realized to exist.  Because of these types of advancements in scientific investigations, the Washington County Sheriff's Office places great importance in our Forensics Science Unit.


Due to the continued renewal of the Public Safety Local Option Levy, the Forensics Science Unit has been able to maintain personnel levels established in 2001, when it doubled in size.  Part of this increase came from the addition of four Crime Scene Technicians.  Crime Scene Technicians receive special training in identifying and collecting evidence at crime scenes.  This evidence is then transported back to the Forensics lab where it can be examined by our four Criminalists for additional leads. 

Criminalist compares prints


The Forensic Science Unit uses a Mobile Crime Laboratory at major crime scenes.  This custom outfitted 14' box truck is used to transport forensic personnel and their scientific equipment.  Criminalists are able to use more advanced means of locating and collecting evidence than had been possible in the past.


Members of the Forensic Science Unit can deploy to support any Washington County police agency to assist in their investigations.