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Fugitive Task Force

An Effective Law Enforcement Partnership

A detective from the Sheriff's Office, funded by the Oregon Department of Justice High Density Drug Trafficking Area, is assigned full time to the U.S. Marshal's Service Fugitive Task Force in Portland. The task force mission is to locate and arrest fugitives – people who are wanted on felony (highest crime level) arrest warrants.


The task force does not take over a case, but rather works the case with the local agency and opens the door to the entire fugitive network of the U.S. Marshal Service. The U.S. Marshal's Office has state-of-the-art resources to locate people (who often do not want to be found). In some cases, they have located wanted suspects within one day of receiving the call.


When the wanted subject is located, the Task Force responds with a full arrest team. If necessary, they will call upon the Washington County Sheriff's Tactical Negotiations Team. On the other hand, Task Force personnel could be in a neighborhood blending in, just waiting to spot their subject.


On a national level, in fiscal year 2016, the Marshals apprehended more than 25,000 federal fugitives, clearing more than 28,000 federal felony warrants. In addition, 66,381 state and local fugitives were arrested, clearing 79,930. state and local felony warrants.

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