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Child Exploitation

Protecting Children Online

An estimated 30 million children have access to the Internet, through computers and cell phones.  A great deal of Internet content is not appropriate for children and may expose your computer to viruses.  However, there are more important concerns for parents who have children online.

 teen on cell phone

Some websites are intentionally designed to entice children to their sites, only to leave them as victims of cyber stalking or harassment that includes repeated and unwanted contact that is rude or threatening.  Teens and pre-teens often engage in bullying and your child may be a victimizer, as well as a victim.


Protect your family by remaining aware of how your children behave online and the content to which they are exposed.  Talk to them about computer exploitation.  Remind them that giving out personal information is dangerous.

  • Internet-related sexual offenders operate in online and off-line environments.

  • Family members and acquaintances are frequently the initiators of abuse or exploitation.

  • Parents should remain aware of all of the people in their children's lives and how their children interact with these people.

If you suspect that your child may be the victim of unwanted online solicitation, contact your local law enforcement agency.  If you are in Washington County, you should call the non-emergency dispatch center at (503) 629-0111.  



Additional Resources:  
Clackamas County Sheriff's INTERCEPT, an investigative team that focuses on combating online child exploitation.