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Property and Evidence

Property and Evidence

The Property and Evidence Unit provides safe storage for all items seized by deputies. This unit currently stores nearly 100,000 items of evidence, found property, and property held for "safe keeping."


Staff Preserve the Chain of Evidence

Civilian Evidence Officers are responsible for the preservation, destruction, and release of all items placed in their care. The evidence officers are trained in storage techniques to ensure that the integrity of evidence is maintained.


Detailed records of transactions involving items of evidence are maintained in order to preserve the "chain of evidence." The "chain of evidence" is the documentation of the continuous custody of items submitted as evidence. A computerized barcoding system is employed to maintain the detailed records needed in order to present evidence in court.


Property Not Returned to Owner is Auctioned Online

Sadly, some property stored in our evidence facility can never be returned to its owner. This property was found or recovered with no owner identification and ultimately will be destroyed or auctioned.


Your Sheriff's Office uses an online auction service for unclaimed property - This service assists our agency in getting a true value return on items submitted. Another great service is that this company tries to assist victims in getting their property back.


Marking Your Belongings to Reduce Loss

The best way to inscribe your property is by etching your driver's license or identification number, and state (OR5555555DL or OR5555555ID). Property marked in this manner is easier to return to owners, and is more difficult to alter. It is important to always document serial numbers and inscribe owner identification on items of value. In the unfortunate case you are the victim of lost or stolen property, your chances of recovery are greatly increased with this information.