Violent Crimes Unit

Criminalist at a crime scene

Members of the Violent Crimes Unit are called upon to investigate serious violent crimes such as homicides, suspicious deaths, adult sexual assaults, kidnappings, robberies, extortion, serious assaults, elder abuse, and missing persons.


These detectives frequently respond at all hours from their homes or workplace to participate in these investigations. Detectives in this unit have received extensive training in such topics as death investigation, forensic pathology, wound interpretation, sexual assaults, search and seizure, search warrants, evidence collection and preservation, interviewing, criminal profiling, personality disorders, serology and DNA collection, blood stain interpretation, intelligence gathering, scene reconstruction, and the legal process.


Some of the training in these and related topics have been provided by nationally known and prestigious regional schools such as:

  • The Southern Police Institute, University of Louisville, Kentucky

  • Institute of Police Technology & Management, Florida

  • Practical and Advanced Homicide Investigation, hosted by Vernon Geberth, Retired NYPD

  • Col. Henry Williams, New York State Police, Homicide Investigators School

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

  • Homicide Investigators Course, Vancouver, British Columbia


All members of this unit participate with the Major Crimes Team, which is sponsored by the Washington County District Attorney's Office. This is a large team of experienced detectives available to respond as mutual aid to any area agency having immediate investigative needs on a major event (i.e., an officer-involved shooting or a homicide).


The unit boasts average police experience per member of 19 years. They have participated in the investigation of serial killers, numerous high-profile cases, and they have traveled throughout the United States to solve cases.