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Contract City Services

Deputy Wormington patrols Gaston.The Washington County Sheriff's Office is proud to be able to provide a wide range of policing and law enforcement-related services to several cities on a contract basis.  By purchasing services from the Sheriff's Office, these cities gain the efficiencies of a larger organization and are able to save money.

  • Banks - City policing services

  • Cornelius - City policing services

  • Gaston - City policing services and alarm permit administration 

  • Hillsboro - Alarm permit administration 

  • King City - Criminal records (police report) services


Cities that contract for policing services enjoy having highly trained, well-equipped, and experienced deputies, crime prevention specialists, detectives to investigate more serious crimes, and quicker responses to more types of calls . . . for less money.   


Your Sheriff's Office also provides policing services on a temporary basis, such as staffing the Chief of Police positions in the cities of Sherwood and Forest Grove.  Another example is the deputy temporarily assigned in 2013 in the City of Cornelius.  


We are honored to be the law enforcement service provider of choice

for all these cities!


      Banks          Cornelius          Gaston          Hillsboro          King City