Proposed Levy Renewal - Measure 34-272


What is the Enhanced Sheriff's Patrol District (ESPD)?ESPD Sign

Voters first approved the ESPD in 1987, and all local option levies since then, to provide law enforcement services for residents in the urban areas outside of cities in Washington County. A local option levy in effect now expires June 2018.


Enhanced Services:

If passed, renewing the local option levy maintains current service levels with the Patrol District for five years by replacing a local option levy expiring June 2018. 

If passed, renewing the local option levy would:

  • Provide funds for investigating major crimes occurring within the ESPD, including homicide, assault, burglary and domestic violence. 

  •  Help fund advanced training in crisis intervention and de-escalation strategies for deputies to use when working with individuals experiencing an emotional or mental health crisis. 

  •  Continue an enhanced level of law enforcement services in the ESPD, even with projected population growth. 

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The levy renewal would fund District police services at a fixed tax rate of 68¢ per $1,000 of assessed value, which would be unchanged from the current rate. Property taxes for the first year under the proposed levy would cost about $192 for a home assessed at $282,200 (the average assessed value in the District). Due to projected increases in assessed value, the proposed levy would cost about $7.40 more than under the current levy.

Do you live in this District?

Many people believe their mailing address indicates whether they live in the Enhanced Sheriff's Patrol District, but this is not the case. Visit Who Patrols My Neighborhood to confirm whether you live in ESPD.

More Information:

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