Sheriff's Office patrol deputies are deployed from three main locations - Headquarters (West) in Hillsboro, East Precinct in Beaverton, and our North Precinct in Bethany.  We also provide contract law enforcement services in the Cities of Banks, Cornelius, and Gaston.  All patrol locations are under my command. 


Sheriff's Deputies are the primary responders to calls in unincorporated Washington County, but we often provide backup for police officers in the cities as well. We are fortunate to have strong interagency relationships and cooperation among the various police agencies in our county. It allows all agencies to answer more calls more efficiently.


Your Sheriff's Office assigns deputies to work in specific areas over time, rather than rotating as they arrive on each shift. This allows for more familiarity with the community and the people who live in it. This is often called Geographic Policing. Please review the Who Patrols My Area Map for information about patrols in your neighborhood and how you can contact the supervisor for your area. Your calls and e-mails are important to us. With your help, we have more eyes and ears to prevent and solve crime.