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The mission of the Washington County Interagency Gang Enforcement Team is to provide law enforcement agencies in Washington County with information and analysis to protect the public and suppress gang related criminal activity.

As of May 2017, just over 1,300 individuals in Washington County have been identified as gang members or have been arrested for gang-related criminal activity. A greater number are involved in illegal activities and have not yet been arrested. This is why the Sheriff's Office and other law enforcement agencies throughout the county established the Interagency Gang Enforcement Team (IGET) in the early 1990's. Supervised by a sergeant, this team is comprised of Sheriff's Deputies and Officers from the Hillsboro police department.


Additionally, beginning in 2015, IGET partnered with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to form a Safe Streets Task Force. This allows for the combined resources and skills of IGET and FBI members.

There are several different gangs with ties to Washington County. The most prevalent are gangs with Hispanic origins, such as the Westside 18th Street, Hillside 12th Street, and various other Sureno gang sets. 

One of IGET's primary functions is to apprehend gang members who are wanted on outstanding warrants or those who are suspected of being involved in recent criminal acts. IGET's members constantly track gang members, their street names, associates, and locations where gang members are often found. Therefore, IGET is usually able to identify and apprehend suspects quickly. This makes IGET a crucial resource for all city police departments in the county.  IGET often assists in investigations involving assaults, attempted murder, murder, armed robbery, kidnapping, weapons violations, and felony property crimes, where the perpetrators, victims or witnesses have ties to gangs.


Gang activity often goes undetected by residents and that makes residents more vulnerable to crime. By learning about gangs and the way they operate, citizens can increase their personal safety and the safety of their children. IGET offers free community education presentations. Please contact the Gang Enforcement Team at (503) 846-5850 for more information.

Gang Tattoos in Our Area 

 Westside 18th Street tattoos


The Westside 18th Street gang is a very large gang with membership virtually all over the world.  Most are sporting the number "18" in some way.  In graffiti, the roman numeral "XVIII" is frequently used in 18th Street tags.

Hillside 12th Street tattoos

Hillside 12th Street
is the largest gang operating in Washington County.  The letters "LAP" stand for Li'l Angel Pachucos.


The number "503" (on the neck in the first photo) means essentially "Oregon area" (the telephone area code).


 Surenos Tattoo

With Hispanic gangs, there are essentially two major groups - Nortenos and Surenos.  Surenos are the most prevalent in Washington County, and commonly are loyal to the color blue.


"Sureno" means "south".  Sureno gangs originated in Southern California and areas south of Bakersfield.  They have been in Washington County since the early 90's.


The Sureno groups include many other subsets such as the Westside 18th Street gangs.


 White Supremacist tattoo

"Thank God I'm White", swastikas, and other messages about the white race being superior to other ethnic groups are signs of White supremacist groups.




Gang Graffiti

 Sur Trece Califas Graffiti

(STC) Sur Trece Califas
- Sureno Gang primarily in Cornelius, Hillsboro and Beaverton, photos taken in Cornelius and Hillsboro.  The number "213" is an area code in Southern California.


 Westside 18th Street Graffiti

(WS18) Westside 18th Street - Sureno Gang located throughout Washington County, photo taken in Beaverton.  Indicators are XV111, X8, and XV3.  Largest street gang in the world.


(WS18TWS) Westside 18th Street Tiny Winos - Sureno Gang, photo taken in Beaverton.

 Tiny Boys and Blue Devils Graffiti

(TBS) Tiny Boys
- Sureno Gang, primarily in Beaverton, Aloha and Hillsboro, photo taken in Beaverton.


(BD) Blue Devils - Sureno Gang primarily in Beaverton and Tigard, photo taken near Beaverton Town Center.


 Brown Crowd Raza and Westside Thug Family Graffiti

(BCR) Brown Crowd Raza - Sureno Gang primarily in Beaverton and Aloha, photo taken in Beaverton.



Westside Thug Family - Sureno Gang primarily in unincorporated Washington County in the north Beaverton area, photo taken at Barnes Elementary.


 Highland 13/ Trace and Norteno Gang Graffiti

Highland 13 / Trece
- Sureno Gang located throughout Washington County.


(Generic) Norteno Gang - Indicators are red paint and any of the following: XIV, 14, or 4 dots (....) Nortenos are located throughout Washington County, photo taken in Beaverton at the old Standard TV and Appliance.


Hillside 12th Street and TEPA X3 Graffiti

(HS) Hillside 12th Street - Sureno Gang primarily in Hillsboro, but has members throughout Washington County.  Photo taken in Beaverton.  Look for X2X6, LAP, X11, MLS, HS.


TEPA X3 - Sureno Gang located in Beaverton, Aloha, Hillsboro and Tualatin.  The "106st" represents the turf claimed by TEPA in Inglewood, California.  The "BRS" stands for Brown Rascals and "WNS" stands for Winos, both are members of TEPA 13.  However, in order to be recognized as WNS, a member must commit a violent act against a rival gang member or a police officer.


If you have contact with suspected gang members please contact the Interagency Gang Enforcement Team at (503) 846-5850 or fax to (503) 846-5860. We can keep your questions and information confidential, and we will follow up in the manner best suited for your situation.