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Mobile Field Force Team

Mobile Response Team members in uniform

The Washington County Sheriff's Office Mobile Field Force (MFF) Team was originally established in 1999 to gain or maintain peace during times of civil distress. For instance, if a riot or a political demonstration is planned, this team will work to contain the people involved in the event in designated areas. They also work to ensure that people who are not involved in the event are able to enter or exit surrounding areas without being harmed.


In addition, all members of the Sheriff's Office Mobile Field Force Team are certified by the Department of Homeland Security as first responders to critical incidents. The team will respond to incidents that may threaten the security of facilities, transportation systems, and communications systems throughout the county.


Team members train extensively to maintain their skills proficiency.  Deputies assigned to the Mobile Field Force Team do so as a secondary assignment.  MFF members must maintain excellent physical condition, must attend mandatory team training, and must consistently perform well in their primary assignments in order to continue as part of this team.


Your Mobile Field Force Team strives to be a professional and well-trained tool for the Washington County Sheriff's Office and the citizens of our community. We are committed to providing the citizens with the best-trained and prepared unit, in conjunction with the County interagency Tactical Negotiations Team, for the peaceful ending of critical incidents occurring in and around Washington County. If you have questions about the team, please contact Lieutenant Matt Frohnert at (503) 846-6366.