Tactical Negotiations Team (SWAT)

Back of Team MemberThe Washington County Tactical Negotiations Team (TNT) is a highly skilled and well-equipped tactical unit that responds to extremely hazardous situations where conventional police tactics and equipment may be inadequate.  Any county police agency can call upon the team for incidents involving hostages, armed suicidal subjects, clandestine drug labs or barricaded wanted subjects.  The team also assists in serving warrants in high-risk situations for the arrest of dangerous felons.  The team deploys throughout the county an average of 70 times each year.


Specialized training for all members and a broad range of tactical equipment enable TNT to de-escalate dangerous situations.  Some specialized equipment includes chemical agents, less lethal munitions, armored vehicles, night vision, and a variety of firearms.


TNT MembersThe Tactical Negotiations Team, initially established in 1976, is an excellent example of the tradition of interagency cooperation among Washington County law enforcement agencies.  Members include Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, officers from Beaverton, Hillsboro, Sherwood, Tigard, Tualatin, and Forest Grove police departments and members of the Washington County Sheriff's Office.


Deputies and officers assigned to TNT do so as a secondary assignment. Their primary assignments are usually in the patrol or investigations divisions of their own police agencies.  TNT members must maintain excellent physical condition, must attend mandatory team training, and must consistently perform well in their primary assignments in order to continue as part of this elite team.


TNT responds to incidents in any part of Washington County whether in municipal or unincorporated areas.  This interagency cooperation allows each police agency in the county to pool resources in order to have a full team of tactical experts and specialized equipment to respond to calls in their service area.  (TNT also deploys to support agencies in smaller Washington County cities that may not be able to contribute personnel or resources.)