Ride Along with Patrol

The Sheriff's Office Ride-Along program is a unique opportunity for community members to experience law enforcement service first-hand. This program provides participants the opportunity to accompany a patrol deputy on shift, during which you may encounter any number of active emergency situations. 


We have specifically designed this program to promote mutual understanding and respect between our staff and our community, offering riders a better grasp of our role in public safety. 


Qualifications to Ride-Along: 

  • You must be over the age of 18 to participate.

  • You must pass a background check.

  • You may only ride-along once per year to allow other community members the opportunity. 

  • You must live within Washington County Sheriff's Office jurisdiction. If you are unsure, visit Who Patrols My Neighborhood to verify. *This does not apply to current applicants.


During your ride-along, don't be afraid to ask questions! Deputies are happy to answer any that you may have. A police ride-along allows you to analyze, consider, and digest the importance and magnitude of this line of work. The job of a patrol deputy is more than just implementing the law; it's also about conflict resolution, psychology, and how to manage people – at their best and their worst. Learn how deputies behave, react, and communicate during any situation requiring their service.


For more information on our community ride-along program, call 503-846-5570.


This program is also appropriate for those interested in employment with the Sheriff's Office. A ride-along is one of the best ways to experience what it's like to become a qualified law enforcement officer and to understand the challenges, risks and rewards of a deputy’s job. Contact our Recruitment Team for more information.