Reserve Deputy Program

RECRUITMENT NOW OPEN. Applications submitted through April 30, 2020 will be considered for the 2021 Reserve Academy. Testing begins Spring 2020.



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Washington County Reserve Deputy Sheriffs are sworn law enforcement officers who assist regular deputies in the performance of their duties.  This includes answering emergency calls, rendering aid, making arrests, and testifying in court.  Reserve Deputy Sheriffs wear the same uniforms and use the same equipment as their full-time counterparts.


Individuals accepted into the Reserve Program will be fully trained for work in our Patrol Division.  They will also receive a comprehensive introduction to the Washington County Jail.  Reserve Deputies may choose to volunteer their time in the Jail in addition to Patrol.


The mission of the Reserve Program for the Washington County Sheriff's Office is to support and augment the full-time Deputy role in the areas of the Patrol and Jail Divisions and community services. Reserve Deputies also supplement the full-time Deputies in the performance of law enforcement duties as needed during emergencies or special operations.  


Rigorous Training

First-rate training and hands-on experience are combined to prepare Reserve Deputies to meet the same demanding standards as regular full-time deputies.

  • Washington County Reserve Academy

  • Interagency Firearms Skills Training (IFAST)

  • Tactical Communications, Crisis Intervention, and Defensive Tactics

  • Introduction to the Washington County Jail

  • Field Training with Regular Sheriff's Deputies


Following the application phase and reserve academy, our reserves are required to volunteer a minimum 48 hours every three months. This time can be volunteered in a variety of ways.  The majority of time is spent with a full-time deputy sheriff on patrol or in the jail.  However, our reserves also participate in the DUII Victims Panel and are subject to call outs via pager for critical incidents to assist with crime scene security.


Each year, Reserves are requested to provide security at a variety of special events, such as the Tigard Festival of Balloons, Beaverton Good Neighbors Days, Washington County Fair and Rodeo, and USGA Golf Tournaments.  Reserve Deputies also perform Bike Patrol enforcement at Bethany Village and other major shopping centers in Washington County.


Join Us in Serving Your Community

Washington County Reserve Deputies are a reserve deput respected and important part of our organization.  Participating in the Washington County Reserve Program is a unique and fulfilling way of giving back to the community as a volunteer.  In fact, many community members find the work so rewarding that they later call upon their volunteer experience to help them begin a new career in law enforcement.


Qualifications and Requirements

  • Attain the age of 21 years of age by graduation from the academy

  • Ability to attend a 350 plus-hour academy (Academy classes take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, with some all-day Saturday classes.  The academy will run from January to June.)

  • Be a United States Citizen

  • Possess a high school diploma or equivalent

  • Possess and maintain a valid driver's license

  • Successfully pass a physical fitness test

  • Successfully pass a background investigation

  • Have no felony convictions

  • Be able to contribute a minimum of 48 volunteer hours per quarter, including community service projects, and attend required annual training and quarterly meetings

  • Ability to provide some job related equipment

  • Successfully complete a medical and psychological evaluation


The First Step -- Apply Online or Request an Application

You can apply for the Law Enforcement Reserve Program during the recruitment period.  If you fill out the form below, we will remind you when it is time to attend the written NTN exam.


The Selection Process

We will first invite you to take reading, writing, and physical fitness tests.  Tests are offered once each year in the summer.  We invite applicants who pass these tests to return for interviews and to begin a rigorous background investigation process.


The background investigation includes checking your employment and personal references, a credit check, criminal history check, and even talking with your past and current neighbors or other associates.  The goal is to get a complete and well-rounded picture of your personal, academic, and professional life.


Candidates who successfully pass initial tests and the background investigation will be considered to attend the Reserve Academy.

If you have questions about the Reserve program, please contact Sergeant Kevin Figueroa.


What are you waiting for? Apply Now!  


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