Thank you for your interest in becoming a Washington County Sheriff's Deputy. The Sheriff's Office is hiring for entry level and lateral transfers in both the patrol and jail divisions. The Sheriff's Office uses the National Testing Network, Frontline National Test, to administer the written exam for patrol and jail deputies.

The Sheriff's Office seeks individuals who are great communicators, are of strong moral character, are creative problem solvers, maintain positive attitudes and thrive working in a team environment. If you are ready for a career that allows you to give back to your community and make a difference everyday, consider a career at the Sheriff's Office. 

WCSO Training Rooms
215 SW Adams Ave, Hillsboro

Don't miss these opportunities to speak with jail and patrol deputies about a career in law enforcement. Learn more about WCSO, including our hiring process, benefit packages and a comprehensive Q&A session. Space is limited! Questions or to RSVP: JoinWCSO@co.washington.or.us

Steps in the Hiring Process:

Test with NTN - The Sheriff’s Office offers open continuous testing through NTN. Interested applicants must complete the NTN Frontline National Test and Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ). The minimum passing score in each of the three categories is 70%.

Apply with Washington County Washington County Human Resources (HR) will notify applicants who meet the minimum passing score to submit an application through the county's Employment Opportunities page. The entry level application is not open except when invitations are sent.

Initial Criminal and Background Check - The Sheriff's Office begins an initial criminal and background check for applicants who successfully applied.  

Sheriff's Office Orientation and Physical Abilities Test (PAT) -Applicants will be invited to attend an agency orientation and take the PAT. The PAT is an obstacle course simulating a foot pursuit which tests endurance and must be completed in less than 5 minutes and 30 seconds. Please note Washington County does not require applicants to complete the “Push/Pull” test. Instructions will also be provided during the application process for transferring military fit tests and other agency PAT scores.  Transfer PAT scores must be six months or newer at the time of the application. Read a description or view a video of the ORPAT.

Video - Applicants will be invited to answer four questions in front of a video camera.  Time will be provided to read through the questions before starting the video. The video will be used as part of a Portfolio Review later in the hiring process.

Pre-Suitability Evaluation - Applicants will complete a 500 question test evaluating an applicant's long-term suitability to perform as a Jail or Patrol deputy.

Background Investigation - To determine if an applicant is suitable for a deputy position, the Sheriff's Office conducts a thorough background investigation.

Patrol Ride Along and Jail Job Shadow - Candidates are required to complete both patrol ride along and jail job shadow while in the background investigation phase of the hiring process.

Portfolio Review - A portfolio will be constructed for each applicant who passes the Background Investigation.  Each portfolio contains the applicant's Background summary report, their full application and video session.  A panel of subject-matter-experts will score each applicant's Portfolio relevant to ten character-based competencies.  Applicants must have scores above 70 to move forward.

Panel Interview - Applicants will be invited to a panel interview, applicants scoring above 70 will be placed on an eligible hiring lists.

Command Staff Interview - Top candidates are invited to interview with the Division Command Staff.

Sheriff's Interview and Conditional Job Offer - Final interview for selected candidates with the Sheriff. Conditional job offers may be made at this time. 

Full Physical and Psychological Evaluation - If conditional job offered, candidates must successfully pass a full physical and psychological evaluation. The evaluations are completed by third parties; a licensed medical doctor and a licensed psychologist

For more information, contact Washington County Human Resources by email or call 503-846-8606, or the Sheriff's Office by email or call 503-846-2475 or 503-846-6369.

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Washington County is an Equal Opportunity Employer