Contacting an Inmate

Inmates in Pod 1

Inmates who will not be released upon booking go through an orientation class and receive a inmate manual to help them learn the rules of the jail, including the rules for mail, phone calls, and visits.  You can learn the same information from our web site by using the links at the left side of the page.


The Booking Process


As friends, family, and others interested in keeping in touch with inmates, we thought you might like to know what happens during the initial booking process.

  • When a prisoner first arrives at the Washington County Jail, a deputy initially searches them for contraband such as drugs or weapons.

  • We collect their personal property such as jewelry, money or other valuables and place it in secure storage.

  • Inmates are photographed, fingerprinted, and issued an ID bracelet. They also must wear clothing, shoes, and undergarments issued by the jail.

  • Next, a booking clerk interviews the inmate and records their answers in the computer system, along with criminal charges.

  • A licensed medical staff member completes a medical intake assessment on each newly booked inmate.

  • When the booking file is complete, a senior jail deputy reviews the inmate's booking file. The deputy assesses the inmate's criminal history, their ties to the community, and the list of current charges against them. This information helps to assess whether the inmate will be lodged in jail or whether they may be good candidates for release.


Please remember that even though inmates are given daily opportunities to contact their family, it is their choice to place a call, send a postcard or to put names on their visiting list.  Contact is always at their option.