Posting Bail

Jail Release sign on the north side of the building

Who Can Post Bail and When

Any adult (18 years or older), except another inmate, can post security at the Washington County Sheriff's Office, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for an inmate held not only in the Washington County Jail on local charges, but an inmate in any Oregon county jail on any Oregon county warrants.  Posting security is commonly called posting bail.


The Washington County Jail allows bail to be posted according to the status of the inmate.  A new inmate can post security upon being booked using cash or credit cards in their possession at the time of arrest.  An inmate who has been lodged in the jail can post security (also called "self bail") using money in his or her inmate account.


CAUTION:  Other people may deposit money (cash only) into an inmate's account as well. The money becomes the inmate's property once posted, and the inmate is not obligated to use the money for self-bail. If the inmate has a negative balance on the account due to debts owed to the county, up to 40 percent of the money deposited to the account will be used to pay those debts.

Citizens may post bail or deposit money into an inmate account at the Sheriff's Criminal Records Office in Hillsboro.


How Much to Post

To find out an inmate's security amount go to the Inmate Custody List on the jail web page or call (503) 846-6826. Normally, the amount shown is 10 percent of the security amount. However, for some traffic violation charges, it may be the full security amount.  In any case, the amount shown on the Custody List is the amount that must be paid.


For an inmate with multiple criminal charges stemming from a single incident (case number), a person need only post security for the charge with the highest security amount.  For multiple charges for traffic offenses, like DUII, the security must be paid for each charge.


The security needed may change at any time if the charges are updated or if a court order changes the security amount.


Where to Pay

You can post security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The Criminal Records Office at the main Sheriff's Office in Hillsboro will gladly assist you in this process.  Here are the two different office windows you will visit, according to the time of the day:

8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Criminal Records Office, located in the grand lobby of the Sheriff's Office in Hillsboro

4:30 pm - 8:00 am

Criminal Records after hours window, located in the entrance of the Sheriff's Office in Hillsboro (window is on the left)