Inmate Work Programs


The Washington County Jail has two different types of programs that put Adult in Custdoy (AIC) to work. These programs directly benefit both the AIC and the Washington County community.


Work In Lieu of Jail Programwiloj with cage

The Work in Lieu of Jail Program (WILOJ) is essentially a weekender program for inmates who meet stringent qualifications. Participating inmates are not lodged in the jail, but rather work off their sentence by reporting on weekends.


Approximately 15 sentenced inmates are used for 8 hours each Saturday and Sunday for community projects. They may clear undergrowth and brush; paint and make minor repairs to schools, park buildings and granges; or even clear and repair damage to local cemeteries.


WILOJ AIC pay a $25 program fee per day in lieu of spending 24 hours in jail. The income pays for the cost of their supervision, workers insurance, and the van used to transport inmates to their work site. AIC involved in this program consider it a more productive way to pay their debt to society for their crimes.


The AICs selected for the work crews are carefully screened. They must have a history free of violent crime convictions and must be model inmates who are determined to be low escape risks, and who are nearing the end of their sentence. The experience they gain includes teamwork, following instructions, handling power equipment, forestry skills, and developing a work ethic. Our goal is for the AICs is to improve not only the conditions of our roads and forests, but also to gain skills that will help them to be productive once they are released.


These programs all use inmate workers, which are different and separate from County Community Service Programs.


For more information about reporting for WILOJ please contact Sergeant Jake Sehorn at (503) 846-6802, or email Deputy Margarita Cage.