Reporting for Work in Lieu of Jail

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Report for Work in Lieu of Jail (known as WILOJ and pronounced "will-lodge") orientation at the jail lobby desk on the exact date and time ordered by the sentencing judge. The jail lobby desk is located off the main Sheriff's Office lobby.


Bring sentencing order copy that you received in court and official government-issued picture identification, such as a driver's license, to the orientation. Orientation will include booking and fingerprinting and may take up to two hours. Do not bring any child 17 years of age or younger with you to the orientation unless an adult is also with you to supervise the child.


Lockers are available in the lobby to store your personal belongings during orientation.


Being late or absent is not an option. If you are ill or injured, you must still report at the ordered date and time. Jail health care staff will assess your health situation. If you are in a hospital, call the jail at (503) 846-2600. Be prepared to give the hospital name, location, and telephone number.


If you fail to appear, deputies will be authorized to arrest you and return you to jail to serve your sentence.