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While most will mail ballots in time, some need the extra extra time or others even enjoy the excitement of voting at the last minute.  For you, we have the the Washington County official ballot drop sites and hours of operation.

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(Vol_8 Issue_10-October, 2012)

Marijuana is Big Business in Oregon
By Sheriff Pat Garrett

Evidence Officer briefs Sheriff Garrett on marijuana seizure.

Investigators working on the Westside Interagency Narcotics Team executed a search warrant on an illegal marijuana dispensary in Tigard and on the owners' homes on September 27.  At the time, media information left citizens with questions about the raid, and wondering why law enforcement focused valuable resources on what appeared to be a small enterprise in Washington County.  It is fair to expect an elected official, such as me, to answer those questions. 

First, I want to clarify the issue. I believe it possible that marijuana could provide therapeutic value to a small number of people who suffer from debilitating cancers and terminal illnesses who cannot get relief by other means.  However, the September 27 case is not about that issue.  The investigation is about an organization's alleged involvement in large scale sales and trafficking.

For the past two years, the Tigard dispensary, called the Human Collective, had been selling marijuana to anyone who displayed an Oregon Medical Marijuana Program card at the front door.  However, the business did not sell under the rules of the program; instead, the operators sold in mass quantities as a retail business.  Investigators believe the dispensary had over $1.7 million in sales just in the last year.  Marijuana dispensaries that sell drugs for profit are illegal under state and federal law.

An analyst working under the Office of National Drug Control Policy told me in September that a majority of all marijuana interdicted on highways across this country is tracked back to Oregon.  Locally, at least five marijuana raids throughout Oregon in six weeks have been tied to the Human Collective.  In 2008, marijuana overtook meth as the leading drug for which addiction treatment is sought in Oregon.

What the Data ShowsThe Human Collective was the only marijuana dispensary in our county; interestingly, the business has already relocated to Multnomah County, joining 40 other dispensaries, and counting on law enforcement priorities to be different.  This is not small business, but a bold statement that they plan to operate there in exactly the same way in violation of the law.

Your Sheriff's Office will continue to aggressively investigate large scale marijuana growers and distributors who often operate under the false pretext they are supplying only "medicine" when in truth they are earning massive profits from distributing large amounts of marijuana in Washington County, across Oregon and in other states.

The law is clear on this, and I am sworn to uphold it -- and for good reason.  After 24 years in this business and 20 years as a parent, I won't write-off the negative impacts of pot on our schools, public safety, and public health.

Sheriff Pat Garrett

The Westside Interagency Narcotics (WIN) Team is comprised of investigators from several agencies in the county.  WIN fights crime locally and regionally because criminals don't respect jurisdictional boundaries.  That's why you might hear in the news that WIN scored big in another part of the state.

(Vol_8 Issue_10-October, 2012)

Why is the Deputy Just Sitting There?

Washington County Sheriff's Office Patrol vehicle at intersection.Have you ever pulled up to an intersection when a traffic signal is out and wondered why deputies would just be sitting in their cars instead of directing traffic?  This happened in Bethany during a recent power outage. 

Experience shows that traffic actually flows more smoothly in these situations without a person directing the cars.  So, while a deputy's presence might incent some drivers to follow the rules of the road, most need little help in knowing the rules of a four-way stop.

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(Vol_8 Issue_10-October, 2012)

Grand Jury Inspection of the Washington County Jail
Report Now Available

Washington County JailIn August 2012, a Grand Jury was convened to inspect the conditions and management of the four correctional institutions in Washington County.  This is inspection is required by state law (ORS 132.440).

The Grand Jury's final report is now available for public review online.  Your Washington County Jail under the direction of the Sheriff was the first facility inspected.  

We are very proud of the findings, and we thank the jury for the many hours invested in this important process.

(Vol_8 Issue_10-October, 2012)

Elder Scams Are on the Rise Again

Senior Wire Money Scam Flyer - CLICK TO OPENThe "Grandma, I'm in Jail" scams are resurging in our area.  They have various spins, but basically, the caller convinces the victim that they are a beloved relative in trouble.  Recently, several local stores are making a Sheriff's Office flyer available for potential victims at their money wiring counters.

Feel free to print and share a flyer, or contact Marcia Langer of the Sheriff's Elder Safe Program for more information or larger quantities.  Help us prevent more elderly citizens from falling prey to con artists.

(Vol_8 Issue_10-October, 2012)

Recent Headlines


Beaverton Metal Thief Arrested 
On October 25, Sheriff's detectives arrested a man for metal theft from Maxim Integrated Products in Beaverton.  As the facility supervisor, the suspect was boldly stealing large rolls of new heavy gauge wire and other metals from the loading dock during his shift.  He sold the materials for scrap metal, augmenting his income by at least $86,000 in three years.  In addition to theft-related crimes, he was arrested for Distribution of Methamphetamine Within 1,000 Feet of a School.  Detectives Arrest Man for Metal Theft
Car Careens Down Ravine Near Sherwood
On October 23, a driver on Scholls-Sherwood Road veered off the roadway, sheered off a power pole, and then rolled three to four times down a steep embankment before coming to rest at the bottom of a ravine.  Amazingly, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue were able to pull him from the wreckage alive and he survived without life-threatening injuries.  The report says the deputy told the driver he was one lucky man, to which the driver agreed.  Vehicle Rolls Down Ravine
Adult Male Shot During Altercation in Aloha
Deputies and detectives responded to a shooting on SW Rosa Road and SW 183rd in Aloha on October 2 at 7:51 pm.  A verbal altercation between two men left one dead of a gunshot wound.  The shooter was cooperative, and the investigation is continuing.  Man Dies During Altercation in Aloha
BabiesTwo Happy Endings - Young Girls Claim Their Stolen Baby Pictures!
With the criminal cases closed, it was time to destroy evidence held from a 2006 string of property thefts. But when Evidence Officer Otto Ehlers discovered newborn and very young baby photos on two of the cameras, he wanted to find their families. We shared the story in this newsletter and KATU ran the story on the evening news. Friends and family contacted us right away.  The families of each child, both now in first grade, reclaimed their cameras and baby pictures! 
Camera 1 Photos            Camera 2 Photos 
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09/28/12  Missing 22-Year-Old Autistic Man (Updated)

(Vol_8 Issue_10-October, 2012)

Do You Have One Warm Coat to Spare?

One Warm CoatBrrrrrr . . . as the temperatures drop and the windy weather returns, many people in our community will need coats to keep warm. Do you have one warm coat to share?

Between now and November 30, we ask you to clean out closets and donate clean, gently used coats and jackets of all sizes at one of the following locations:

  • Sheriff's Office in Hillsboro, 215 SW Adams Avenue
  • Sheriff's Office in Beaverton, 3700 SW Murray Boulevard
  • Public Services Building in Hillsboro, 155 N First Avenue
  • Walnut Street Center in Hillsboro, 1400 SW Walnut Street
The coats will be distributed by charities in our area, such as the Hillsboro Family Resource Center, to needy children and adults.  Thank you for supporting the One Warm Coat project!

(Vol_8 Issue_10-October, 2012)

This Month's "Most Wanted"


Sheriff's Office News - October's Most Wanted 

Do not approach these individuals. If you see them or have information, call the Sheriff's Office Records Unit at (503) 846-2700, or non-emergency dispatch at (503) 629-0111.

(Vol_8 Issue_10-October, 2012)

ESPD Video is Available

With so many issues to decide, we want to make it easy to find the information you need on Measure 34-198.  View the Sheriff's Video

View the Sheriff's video on Measure 34-198

(Vol_8 Issue_10-October, 2012)

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