Graffiti Eradication



Your Sheriff's Office works to combat graffiti and tagging in several ways. 


Report Graffiti and Property Damage Right Away

Your first step is to report graffiti via the non-emergency dispatch line (503) 629-0111.  Be ready to provide the address, a description of the damage, specific location information (on the white fence, on the bus stop bench and walls, etc.), and any possible suspect information.  Report it even if you do not have suspect information.  


Remove it Quickly

Please take pictures of the damage and then take immediate steps to clean up the damage. The best way to discourage graffiti is to remove it quickly, normally within 24-48 hours.


County Ordinance Helps Encourage Quick Cleanup

A Washington County ordinance requires removal within 14 days in areas outside the cities.  In addition, some cities in our county also have ordinances that require cleanup within a certain time period. To find out if an ordinance is in effect in your city, you can contact the city attorney, chief of police or the mayor's office.