How to File a Police Report


Dial 9-1-1 for Emergencies or to Report a Crime in Progress


Vandalism to a mailbox

The Sheriff's Office provides policing services to all unincorporated areas in Washington County, as well as to municipal partners: Banks, Cornelius, Gaston and North Plains.


When you have witnessed a crime or have become the victim of criminal activity, the Sheriff's Office understands your need to report the information to law enforcement as soon as possible. For non-emergency situations, the Sheriff's Office has the following options for you to make a police report 24-hours a day.


Online Reporting: Community members can use the Sheriff's Office Online Reporting System to self-report certain crimes or lost property when the following conditions are met:

  • This is not an emergency.

  • This incident occurred within the Washington County Sheriff's Office jurisdiction. Note: The Sheriff's Office is not currently accepting online reports from the municipal partner cities mentioned above.

  • There are no known suspects.

Please click here to access the online reporting page.


Calling the Washington County non-emergency dispatch center at (503) 629-0111:

All law enforcement agencies in Washington County use the same central dispatch center. A non-emergency dispatcher will ask you for your contact information and brief details about what you would like to report. The dispatcher will use this information to create a call for service with the appropriate law enforcement agency to assist you. If the Washington County Sheriff's Office is dispatched to assist you, we will do our best to have a patrol assist you in person. There are times, however, when the dispatcher will determine that a phone report is appropriate. If this occurs, you will receive a phone call from a patrol deputy or one of the Sheriff's Office Criminal Records Specialist to assist you in making a police report.


More Information

Traffic crash reporting requirements are available through the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles website. 


If you would like more information about preventing crime, please feel free to contact Community Outreach for advice, assistance, or a educational presentations for groups.  


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