How to File a Police Report

 Washington County Dispatch Center

Emergencies or a crime in progress, dial 9-1-1

Non-emergency situations, dial (503) 629-0111

Vandalism to a mailbox

Always Call the Dispatch Center First

When you have witnessed a crime or been victimized, we understand you want to report the information to police right away, in the quickest possible manner.  Please call one of the numbers above as your first step.


All law enforcement agencies in Washington County use the same central dispatch center, so it is best to call dispatch first.  The dispatcher will take down brief details and put you in contact with the appropriate city police department or your Sheriff's Office to file a report.   


If you are referred to the Sheriff's Office, we try to have a live person follow up with you on every crime report.  In some cases, the dispatcher may refer your call to the Sheriff's 24-hour Criminal Records Office to report your situation by telephone.  The dispatcher will determine if a phone report is suitable according to Sheriff's Office policy.   


Please always call dispatch first.  It will save you time and stress if your call is routed correctly from the start.  


More Information

Traffic crash reporting requirements are available through the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles website


If you would like more information about preventing crime, please feel free to contact the Sheriff's Crime Prevention Unit for advice, assistance, or a educational presentations for groups.  


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