Sex Offender Registration

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Access the Oregon Sex Offender Registry

All Oregon law enforcement agencies submit their registrations to the Oregon State Police Sex Offender Registration Unit. By law, that unit is the state repository mandated to maintain registered sex offender records, provide assistance to victims of sex offenders, and to provide information to law enforcement agencies.


Community members can access the predatory sex offender database on the Oregon State Police website. The website allows searches by zip code, last name, or other types of information.


Assessing Risk to Reoffend

House Bill 2549, passed in 2013, is prompting changes to the Oregon State sex offender program. In part, this bill will direct the Department of Corrections to adopt a risk assessment tool and classify each registered sex offender based on their risk of reoffending in the community. It will also establish general rules regarding community notification based on assessment results.



Sex Offender Registration is Mandatory

Oregon law requires adults and juveniles who have been convicted of a registerable sex crime to be registered as a registered sex offender with the State of Oregon. The requirements apply to all offenders who live, work, and/or attend school in Oregon.


Registration is for life unless the person is granted relief in Oregon. Relief obtained in another state may not qualify in the State of Oregon. For additional information regarding relief, visit the Oregon Board of Parole website.

For additional information or questions regarding the sex offender reporting requirements in the State of Oregon, visit the
Oregon State Police website.

Sex offender registration is designed to help law enforcement identify sex offenders in the community, prevent future sex offenses, and to help track the most dangerous and sexually violent offenders.

How Registration Works

All registered sex offenders are required to report to a law enforcement agency in the county that they reside in under any of the following circumstances: 

  • Within 10 days (up to 10 days before and up to 10 days after) of the offender's birthday every year.

  • Within 10 days of any address change (includes a move out of state).

  • Within 10 days of starting employment or vocation at an institute of higher education.

  • Within 10 days of stopping/changing employment or vocation at an institute of higher education.

  • Within 10 days of starting enrollment/attendance at an institute of higher education.
  • Within 10 days of stopping/changing enrollment/attendance vocation at an institute of higher education.
  • Within 10 days of a legal change of name. 
  • At least 21 days prior to any intended travel outside of the United States

The “Within 10 days of…” or “At least 21 days prior to…” are absolutes and failing to report within that timeframe may result with the registered sex offender falling out of compliance with their reporting requirements.

Where to Report
Oregon State law states that a registered sex offender must report “…to the Department of State Police, a city police department or a county sheriff’s office, in the county of the person’s residence.”

For registered sex offenders that reside within unincorporated Washington County, reporting can be done at one of the following locations.

Washington County Sheriff’s Office (Main Office)
215 SW Adams Ave
Hillsboro, OR 97123

Washington County Sheriff’s Office (East Precinct)
3700 SW Murray Blvd
Beaverton, OR 97005

For registered sex offenders that reside within a Washington County municipality or in another county, please refer to your local police department for assistance.

How to Report with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office
All reporting must be completed in person, involving the process below.

  • Visit the WCSO’s website to schedule an appointment to update your registration. 

  • Select one of the available time slots, provide your legal name, phone number and an email that we can reach you at.

The act of scheduling an appointment does not satisfy any reporting requirements.  A WCSO employee will still need to talk with you to facilitate updating your sex offender registration.  If your appointment is canceled or rescheduled, it remains the responsibility of the individual registered sex offender to maintain their compliance with their reporting requirements.

Each offender is required to have their fingerprints on file with the State of Oregon and must submit to being photographed for reporting purposes upon request.  There is no reporting fee.