Arrest Warrants

A person under arrest

When a person needs to be arrested, a judge signs a "warrant" that directs the sheriff or his deputies to bring the person to jail. A warrant may be issued for a variety of reasons - a person may have violated the terms of a restraining order, may have failed to appear in court, or may be charged in a criminal case, etc.


The Criminal Records Section is charged with tracking all arrest warrants and keeping them current. At any given time, the Sheriff's Office is tracking about 12,000 active warrants.


If you believe you are wanted by the police, report to the Washington County Jail in person. Please do not call, we cannot give out warrant information over the phone. If there is a warrant for your arrest in Washington County, you may also refer to our jail web page on How to Turn Yourself In.

If you know the location of a person who has a warrant for their arrest, please call the Criminal Records Section at 503-846-2700 or call non-emergency dispatch at 503-629-0111.