The Washington County Sheriff's Office directs staff action through a written directive system that governs agency operation and the administration of staff and programs. Written directives serve as the basis to inform and train staff on their professional responsibilities, legal constraints, and work practices. Our directives confer authority on staff and define the discretion that may be used. Policies will provide consistent procedures to bring consistent and accurate results. Directives promote building strong community partnerships, excellent customer service, and guide staff actions to maintain our community's trust.


Chapter 100 Organization and Command

Chapter 200 Conduct and Appearance

Chapter 300 Personnel Administration

Chapter 400 Employee Payroll and Benefits

Chapter 500 Performance Management

Chapter 600 Volunteers, Posse, Reserves

Chapter 700 Budget, Financials, Reimbursement, Travel

Chapter 800 Equipment

Chapter 900 Civil Process

Chapter 1000 Crime Prevention

Chapter 1100 Public Information and Media Relations

Chapter 1200 Victim and Witness Assistance

Chapter 1300 Use of Force, Field Operations

Chapter 1400  Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Holding

Chapter 1500 Forensics, Evidence, Interviews

Chapter 1600 Emergency Operations and Critical Incidents

Chapter 1700 Task Forces and Teams

Chapter 1800 Safety and Accident Reporting

Chapter 2500 Training