Policy Changes of Community Interest

Summary of WCSO and Jail Policy Changes with Public Interest or Impact

Date: 07-08-20

Topic: Use of Force Principles Policy (1302-R09)

Requirement: 220 HB 4205

Summary of Changes: Section 1, Paragraph 4 - Word change from "encouraged" to "required" for emphasis. "Deputies are required to use de-escalation..."

Date: 07-02-20

Topic: Detainers, Holds & Warrants (J-6-21)

Requirement: Scheduled Review

Summary of Changes: The jail ended the practice of automatically notifying ICE via e-mail when a foreign-born inmate is booked or when LEDS shows an inmate has FBI/ICE indicators for deportation. Jail staff will continue to hold inmates for ICE based on a detainer or warrant that must be signed by a judge or clerk of the court. This jail policy is restricted from public access to protect critical security protocols.

Date: 06-17-20

Topic: Jail Release Policy (J-6-6)

Requirement: Scheduled Review

Summary of Changes: The jail stopped releasing time-served inmates under ICE investigation to ICE agents in the jail sally port. Such inmates will be processed the same as all other time-served inmates through the release corridor. This jail policy is restricted from public access to protect critical security protocols.

Date: 06-10-20

Topic: Use of Deadly Force Policy (1303-R04)

Requirement: 2020 Oregon HB 4203

Summary of Changes:

  • Section 1: Clarified that use of deadly force by a jail deputy to prevent escape requires probable cause the inmate poses an imminent threat of death or serious physical injury to the deputy or others.
  • Section 4: Discharging a firearem to disable a vehicle is prohibited, except as ordered by a tactical or special weapons commander during a critical incident.
  • Section 5: Removed neck restraint as a use of force option.

Date: 06-10-20

Topic: Use of Force Principles Policy (1302-R08)

Requirement: Oregon HB 4205 - Requires intervention by deputies if misconduct by another officer is observed.

Summary of Changes:

  • Section 1: Deputies must intervene and stop excessive force immediately.
  • Section 4: Clarified, "A deputy may use intermediate force to overcome static or passive resistance only when other alternatives have proven ineffective. [Deleted  "...or the deputy has determined lesser alternatives would most likely be unsuccessful."]

Date: 06-10-20

Topic: Using Facial Recognition Systems Policy (808-R04) Rescinded by Department Order DO-20-34

Requirement: Amazon moratorium on selling facial recognition technology to police agencies.

Summary of Changes: As of 6-10-2020, Amazon has followed others in the industry in putting a moratorium on the selling of facial recognition technology to police agencies. The WCSO suspended its facial recognition program indefinitely effective June 10, 2020.

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