Towed Vehicles

There are many reasons for law enforcement to tow a vehicle. For instance, some vehicles are abandoned and considered roadway hazards, others are towed because the driver was arrested for a specific traffic crime.


For the protection of the people receiving tow services, the Sheriff's Office contracts with tow companies in the area. This helps to ensure that the companies meet the highest standards for safety, quality equipment, that tow truck drivers undergo a background investigation, and that the fees charged are more consistent.


Our web page provides answers to many questions frequently asked by drivers of towed vehicles or by tow companies.


The Criminal Records Section staff can answer questions about how to get a vehicle released, explain the procedure to complete the required paperwork, and tell you which company towed the vehicle. You can also direct questions about the fees charged, a complaint about the towing company, or requests for tow hearings to Records staff must be in writing either by mail or via e-mail.