As conservators of the peace in Washington County, we recognize that with great trust comes great responsibility. Because of this, we place a high value on accountability at the Sheriff’s Office.  We are constantly evaluating our policies and training, taking into account case law, community expectations, and best practices. 

This page provides information on those policies which we are asked about most frequently. Of note are certain recent changes resulting from the local and national conversations on racial justice and law enforcement reform. 

As a country and a community, we are in the midst of significant change. By exploring these topics and digging deeper into the policies below, you help to uphold the accountability that we value and that each person who lives in Washington County deserves.  

Check back regularly as we continue to add or update policies. Please email to suggest a policy that you would like to see listed.

Body-Worn Camera Program

Victims' Rights

Policies and Public Facing Documents