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Conserving the Peace in Your Community


Dear Community Members,


Whether you live in a city or in urban or rural Washington County, you receive a wide variety of services from your Sheriff's Office. In the urban or rural unincorporated areas, deputies are the primary first responders when you call 911; inside the cities, city police are primary.


The Sheriff's Office also provides many services countywide that support our city partners. Examples include the county's only jail, Sheriff's crime scene specialists, major crime investigators, and sex offender compliance checks.


We also lead many interagency teams that are well-equipped and trained to deal with incidents that pose a high risk to public safety, such as hostage situations, barricaded suspects, crash accident reconstruction, and drug trafficking. These teams are possible because of the uncommon interagency cooperation among all the city and county law enforcement agencies. The teams ensure that highly trained specialists are available whenever needed in any part of the county.


Finally, we are more effective because of our connection with the community members we serve. We are particularly active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, posting critical updates and our work throughout the county. In addition, each month we publish case updates in our monthly e-newsletter called WCSO News, intended to be a quick and entertaining way to learn first-hand about criminal investigations, safety tips, community events and the deputies who serve you.


You can be proud of the services you receive from the Washington County Sheriff's Office. We are working hard every day to provide the most competent, courteous and effective law enforcement services in the country.



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Sheriff Pat Garrett