Oregon Jail Standards Compliant

Pod with Inmates

Your Washington County Jail earns high marks!  On December 4 and 5, 2014, your Sheriff's Office invited a team of certified jail inspectors to review every aspect of operations at the Washington County Jail. The inspectors, certified by the Oregon Jail Command Council, routinely inspect participating jails in Oregon once every two years for compliance with the Oregon Jail Standards.


The Washington County Jail is one of the largest jails in the state with a lodging capacity of 572 beds. However, inmates are not lodged long term as in prisons. The average length of time an inmate spends in the county jail is less than one year, so the challenge to this facility is to book, lodge, and release more than 18,000 new arrivals each year.


The Washington County Jail is an amazing operation that coordinates booking, classification, lodging, release, daily inmate work duties, and special inmate worker crews. In addition, the jail has a medical operations unit and innovations such as a housing area specifically for people with disabilities or other special needs. 


Everything about our facility and the way it operates is designed to manage inmates in a way that is safe for employees and inmates alike – and that means lawsuits avoided. In fact, reducing liability and improving the management of Oregon's jails is the specific mission of the Oregon Jail Standards. 


There are currently 309 Oregon Jail Standards that address admissions, classifications, inmate rules and discipline, policy and procedure, staff training, kitchen operations, commissary, telephone and visiting privileges, facility security and control, transporting inmates between facilities, managing property and inmate accounts, inmate health care, and a multitude of other programs and services. Most are required under Oregon law, ADA requirements, and Oregon Administrative Rules. Jails today are more complex than ever, and we are very proud to demonstrate voluntary compliance with the Oregon Jail Standards.


Your Washington County Jail has been continuously OJS compliant since 2000.  Our next inspection will be in the fall of 2016.


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