Sheriff Pat Garrett

sheriff garrett

As the 32nd Sheriff of Washington County, it is my great privilege to work with our talented Sheriff's Office team. Our mission is to Conserve the Peace through values driven service. Our organizational values are to do our best, do the right thing and treat others the way we would want to be treated. When deciding the "right thing," we expect our men and women to place our community above individual or personal interests. My priorities to accomplish our mission are below.

We combat domestic violence with the vigor and resources it deserves. Deputies assigned to our Domestic Violence Resource Team work those cases every day to protect victims and hold offenders accountable. As members of the Domestic Violence Intervention Council (DVIC) we work collaboratively with advocates, partner law enforcement agencies, victims' shelter providers, and other victims' assistance services in Washington County.

With support from the county-wide Public Safety Local Option Levy we deploy a Mental Health Response Team which partners deputies with mental health professionals to help ensure people in crisis get the medical help they need instead of being taken to jail. Nearly all of the team's 3,245 mental health calls from both inside and outside cities involved medical solutions rather than traditional law enforcement remedies.

Deputies conduct sex offender compliance checks throughout the county in order to keep vulnerable populations safer. Offenders located at their registered location are thanked for complying with the registration requirements. If they are found to no longer be at the registered location, we search for them and take enforcement action.

Also with support from the county-wide Public Safety Local Option Levy, we will operate the Jail at full capacity to minimize the early release of offenders due to overcrowding. We provide community service programs that put jail inmates to work to improve our community. We provide inmate education programs that produce GED graduates and teach job skills.

Finally, I will continue to support strong programs and services that solve crime, provide education to keep you safe, and serve the community in cost-effective ways. Some examples:

  • Public education on issues that affect families and youth: Gang Prevention, Dealing with Bullying in Schools, Internet Safety, Prescription Drug Abuse and free Self-Defense classes

I hope you will take time to send a note when you interact with Sheriff's Office personnel and let us know how we're doing at taking care of you and the community.


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