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Staff Recruitment and Training

Evoc Training CourseAt the Sheriff's Office, it's our

duty to protect and serve our community, and our goal is to implement a comprehensive program that prepares new recruits for real-life scenarios.


All of our staff undergo rigorous training to honorably serve in a way that maintains public safety, prioritizes the Sheriff's Office's values, and builds trust and confidence with our community. We pride ourselves in our in-

depth recruitment and training processes, ensuring all our staff are capable and driven to serve.

  • Recruitment: All certified staff undergo extensive selection and testing before being offered conditional employment. We evaluate each applicant using interviews, psychological and physical tests, and test results from the National Testing Network's entrance exam and the Oregon Physical Abilities Test (ORPAT). Some of the essential skills we look for and are needed to serve the community in a law enforcement position include de-escalation, unconscious bias, community policing, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • Training: Our deputies receive comprehensive training that prepares them to address real-life scenarios while protecting and serving the communities of Washington County. The 10-month recruit training program encompasses a variety of training at our state-of-the-art Public Safety Training Center (PSTC), at the state police academy in Salem, and in the field with our experienced deputies. All training segments focus on enhancing the essential skillsets identified during our extensive recruitment process.

  • Continuing education: Training doesn't end after certification. Staff continuously train throughout their entire careers. Our deputies receive some of the best ongoing training in the country through mandatory in-service, annual re-certifications, promotion, and specialized team assignment instructions. We often formulate ongoing training to meet the changing needs of Washington County and maintain critical skills both for community and officer safety.

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