Top photo by Michal Thompson courtesy of the Hillsboro Argus

Your Sheriff's Office believes in training employees to elite levels. As the population of Washington County grows, law enforcement will face new challenges every day:

  • Increased contact with dangerous criminals

  • More calls involving persons with mental illness

  • Community livability issues such as gang activity, property crimes, and illegal drug use


Our goal is to provide our employees with the skills and tools necessary to keep up with an ever-changing society and the requirements of law enforcement and corrections personnel. Our training provides a high level of instruction that prepares our deputies to better respond and assist with emergencies of all types - whether responding to a missing child or someone being hurt by another person.


New recruits for certified positions attend an internal eight-week Sheriff's Office academy that provides instruction on customer service, communication, survival, criminal and traffic investigations, and other skills necessary to be a certified deputy. This training prepares our employees to attend the required sixteen weeks of training at the state police academy in Salem, Oregon.


After successfully passing the in-house training and the state police academy, each recruit participates in the seventeen-week Field Training and Evaluation Program where field training deputies instruct, mentor, and evaluate the recruit's skills as a deputy sheriff. Upon completion of this field training, recruits are ready to work independently on patrol or in the jail division.


Civilian employees also receive high quality ongoing in-service training that supports their expertise in a variety of areas.


Our office offers annual in-house training to all employees throughout their careers. In addition, employees are encouraged to apply to attend external training to further develop and expand their skills.


We will continue to provide the highest quality training possible to all our employees who will be serving you every day!