Support Services

Our Mission

In partnership with the organization, we provide quality and cost effective support services to uphold the public trust and assist the County in the fulfillment of its mission.

Our Commitment

  • We place an emphasis on inter-division and inter-department cooperation, partnerships, and assistance.
  • Open and constructive communication and problem solving.
  • Consistent, cost effective, comprehensive, reliable and quality services.
  • Customer service.
  • Innovation and use of contemporary technology, practices and processes in each of our respective disciplines.
  • Streamline processes, procedures and systems while respecting our accountability role to the Board of Commissioners and County Administrative Office.
  • Pride and excellence in our work and continuous process/performance improvement.
  • Long range planning and visioning of future needs, challenges and opportunities and annual work plans to implement and monitor specific strategies.
  • Outcome based management and fiscal accountability.