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Central Services

General Information

Central Services is a Special Fund program that reports directly to the Finance Division manager, and functions within the Department of Support Services. It is staffed with one supervisor and six front-line staff. The shop operates from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. This program's duty is to provide centralized administration and monthly accounting of four key services to County departments and associated agencies. This program does not provide its services to the general public.


Services include:


Mail Services

Provides pickup and delivery for U.S. mail, interoffice mail, parcels, State shuttle and non-mail items such as office and inventoried supplies;



includes simple typesetting, offset printing, centralized production high speed printing and various bindery services;


Office Supplies

Provide departments with a centralized vehicle for ordering office supplies and paper products;


Photocopy Services

Provide satellite convenience copiers and associated supplies.


Graphics Design Service (since October 1999) 

Moved to Support Services Administration.