Hagg Lake Policies


Park hours are sunrise to sunset.

Overnight camping is unlawful and not permitted within the Park boundaries.

It is illegal to hunt, pursue, trap, kill, injure or molest any bird or animal. It is illegal to disturb the habitat of any bird or animal.

It is illegal to discharge a firearm or weapon capable of injuring any person, bird or animal.

Motor vehicles must stay on roads and in parking areas.

Vehicles may only be parked in designated parking areas.

The park is closed to all off-road vehicles.

Swimming near boat ramps and docks, or inside the area enclosed by the log boom at the spillway, is prohibited. 

Swimming is prohibited more than 200 feet from shore, or in the area designated for high speed boat use, except for such swimming that is incidental to waterskiing.

No person shall swim or fish near any boat ramp or boat dock, or inside the area enclosed by the log boom at the spillway.

Ground fires are prohibited.

All fires must be confined to Park campstoves, fireplaces, or portable stoves.

No fire shall be left unattended, and every fire shall be extinguished before its user leaves the Park area.

No dog, cat or other animal of any kind shall be brought into or kept in the Park area unless confined or on a leash.

No person shall pick, cut, mutilate, or remove from the Park area flowers, shrubs, foliage, trees (firewood), or plant life of any kind.

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