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On May 16, 2018, pursuant to Oregon Revised Statute 275.110 et. seq,, and order of the Board of Commissioners of Washington County dated March 6, 2018, Washington County will offer for sale to the highest bidder, at an oral public auction, certain parcels of real property that are surplus to County needs. Registration begins at 9 a.m. and each bidder must be registered prior to the first bid.

Required registration begins at 9 a.m.  Auction will begin promptly at 10 a.m.


Auction Address:

Hillsboro Civic Center, 150 East Main Street, Hillsboro, Oregon 97124


Terms and Conditions are as follows:

1.  The auction will be oral.

2.  The auction will be conducted by the Washington County Department of Support Services –Facilities and Park Services Division under the authority of the Washington County Sheriff.

3. Properties will be sold individually or grouped as indicated.

4. Unless otherwise noted, a twenty percent (20%) deposit will be required at the time of sale. This deposit will be forfeited, if the buyer does not complete the sale. The balance will be due at closing.

5. The County will accept cash, cashier's check or certified funds checks for the deposit and the remaining payment due.

6. The County will obtain a preliminary title report on each property, when possible, and will make the preliminary title report available for inspection prior to the sale as provided below.

7. The County will convey property through a quitclaim deed except as expressly noted.

8. All sales shall be final and refunds will not be made after an offer is accepted by the County.

9. Failure to complete payment within 30 days after notice from the County that closing papers are ready will void the sale and the property will remain under the County's ownership. Purchaser will forfeit the twenty percent (20%) deposit, if the sale is not completed.
10. The County will record all appropriate documents to convey title at closing. Fees for recording will be added to the purchase price of the property and paid by the purchaser.

11.Washington County reserves the right to remove any parcel or parcels from the sale for any reason up to the time of sale.

12. Notebooks with information for each property will be available for viewing at the Washington County Facilities and Parks Services office, 169 North First Street, Hillsboro for approximately four weeks prior to the auction. The County does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the available information. It is the prospective purchaser's responsibility to research all factual and legal matters affecting the property prior to submitting a bid.

13. The Board of County Commissioners reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids.


Washington County will not warrant or defend the fee simple title to the listed properties as free of defects or encumbrances. All properties listed are subject to all easements, liens, conditions and restrictions of record. Washington County makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the existence of legal access or the ability to acquire permits for building, subsurface sewage, or any other development rights. All bidders should have inspected the properties prior to the sale. All properties are sold "AS IS".


Washington County will not furnish a survey or provide title insurance in any form. Dimensions identified on maps or in other information are approximate and may or may not represent the actual property boundaries. Prospective purchasers are advised to consult with legal counsel, a title insurance company, or others as appropriate prior to purchase.




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Click on the individual Parcel #'s below to see more detailed information on each parcel.


Parcel #1 Tax lot: 1N133AS00103   Approximately 0.14 Acres located at 1375 NW Saltzman Road, Portland


Parcel #4  Tax lot:  1S124CD02900  Approximately 0.33 acres location at 7975 SW Oleson Road, Tigard


Parcel #5  Tax lot:  2N200B003400  Approximately 2.61 acres located at 20025 NW Kay Road, North Plains


NOTE: Parcels 8 through14 will be sold as one auction item.

Parcel #8 Tax lot:  3N510D002800  Approximately 0.25 acres located at 59450 SW Broad Way, Timber


Parcel #9  Tax lot: 3N510D002904   Approximately 0.11 acres located at Sunset Lot 4 6 on Broad Way, Timber


Parcel #10 Tax lot: 3N510D002901  Approximately 0.46 acres located at 59360 NW Broad Way, Timber


Parcel #11 Tax lot:  3N510D002600 Approximately 0.46 acres located at 59245 NW Broad Way, Timber


Parcel #12 Tax lot:  3N510D002502 Approximately 0.34 acres located at 59325 NW Broad Way, Timber


Parcel #13 Tax lot:  3N510D002501 Approximately 0.11 acres located at 59385 NW Broad Way, Timber


Parcel #14 Tax lot:  3N510D002500 Approximately 0.34 acres located on NW Broad Way, Timber


NOTE: Parcels 8 through14 will be sold as one auction item.


Parcel #23  Tax lot:  3N5220001003 Approximately 4.79 acres located at 28655 NW Timber Road, Timber


Parcel #31 Tax lot: 1S301AB00500 Approximately 1.06 acres located at 874 SW Baseline St, Hillsboro


Parcel #32 Tax lot: 2S240000500 Approximately 1.48 acres located at the SE corner of Buckhaven and SW McCormick Hill Rd, Hillsboro





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