2022-23 County Budget Reports


Adopted Budget Reports

  • Adopted Budget Summary   
  • Adopted Budget Organizaiton Unit Detail   
  • Adopted Budget Program Detail   

Proposed Budget Reports


Budget Equity


Budget Committee Meetings

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Washington County and Service District for Lighting No. 1 (SDL) Budget Committee Meeting (May 9 & 12, 2022)


Enhanced Sheriff's Patrol District and Urban Road Maintenance District Budget Committee Meeting (May 16 & 19, 2022)      


North Bethany County Service District for Roads Budget Committee Meeting (May 19, 2022)   



Enhanced Sheriff's Patrol District, Urban Road Maintenance District and North Bethany CSDR Public Hearings (June 1, 2022)

  • ESPD, URMD and North Bethany CSDR Written Testimonies


Washington County and Service Districts Budget Committees Public Hearings (June 2, 2022)  

  • Washington County and Service District for Lighting Number 1 Written Testimonies


Additional Documents