The Finance Division manages the accounting system and financial records of the County, reports on the County’s fiscal affairs, and provides advice and assistance to operating departments on financial administration matters. The Division, under contract, provides banking and investment services for the Clean Water Services. The following units provide the County’s fiscal services:

Supervises accounts payable, payroll, accounts receivable, and cash receipting.  Oversees the management of the Transient Room Tax.  Conducts travel reviews and administers the issuing of the County Travel Cards.  Administrates the County purchasing card program.

Manages cash flow analysis and the County investment portfolio, administers the contract for county banking services.

Management Accounting:
Reconciles accounting records, prepares periodic and annual financial reports and provides assistance to operating departments on development and implementation of accounting systems. Responsible for debt payments and develops cost allocation plans for the County departments.  Creates the annual schedule of County user fees.  Provides assessment of County internal controls to assure management that those controls are properly designed and function effectively.  Provides consultation services to operating departments on ways to improve business systems.