Surplus Vehicles & Equipment

Washington County Fleet Services periodically replaces individual vehicles and equipment due to age, condition, or changes in the requirements of the operating departments. The County sends surplus vehicles and/or equipment to public auctions managed by a contracted vendor, J. Stout Auctions.  Auctions are held at various locations in Oregon and Washington.  Besides bidding on site the day of the auction you can also bid online.  Open the List of Vehicles below to display the date, location and vehicle details for the upcoming auction. 

Generally, the county will participate in approximately three to four auctions each year.  Vehicles scheduled to be sold will be listed at least 14 days prior to the auction date.  If the vehicle/equipment list displays "No Auction Presently Scheduled" then there are no current vehicles/equipment for sale.

 List of Vehicles to be sold at upcoming auction.

 Kelley Blue Book can provide information on estimating current vehicle values.