Washington County Fleet Services Receives National Recognition

For Immediate Release: Monday, July 30, 2018

Sponsored by: Support Services Department, Fleet Services Division

Fleet Services named 57th out of top 100 fleets

Washington County Fleet Services was recently recognized as one of the "Top 100 Fleets in the Americas" at the 2018 NAFA Fleet Management Association Institute & Expo. In the competition, Washington County Fleet Services was ranked #57 of the top 100 best fleets. Currently in its sixteenth year, the 100 Best Fleets Program recognizes and rewards peak performing fleet operations in North America and promotes continuous improvement within the fleet industry. Ranking of the top fleets is based on several criteria including various performance measures, use of technology, collaboration, creativity, staff development and stewardship of resources.

Other significant accomplishments for Washington County Fleet Services in 2018 include:

Washington County Fleet Services maintains over 675 vehicles and 200 pieces of associated equipment which are used by all County departments. According to Manager Tom Keyser, "This is no small feat with just 16 staff members which include eight highly-trained technicians. We work hard to seek out and retain top professionals and to ensure they have the training, tools and resources available to carry out their jobs at peak performance. We strive to stay on the leading edge of emerging technology and are always looking for ways to capitalize on new breakthroughs within the transportation community. Our commitment to ongoing training is especially important to help create innovative solutions that make the division and the entire organization more efficient."

Several initiatives contributed to their designation as a "Top 100 Fleet" including the effective use of technology. Efforts are underway to integrate telematics into key vehicles within the fleet. The program is currently focused on large departments such as the Sheriff's Office, Facilities and Parks Services, and Land Use and Transportation. Telematics will enable "real time" tracking as well as diagnostic information to help identify potential maintenance problems before they become a larger issue. It will also allow the County to meet and exceed sustainability goals aimed at reducing fuel consumption and idle time on fleet vehicles. Keyser believes that telematics will provide an opportunity to mitigate risk and reduce third party claims when combined with driver education and scene/driver analytics. Fleet Fuel Use per FTE

With regard to fuel consumption, Washington County is on track to transition its fleet toward renewable diesel. Fleet Services has been working to ensure a steady supply of the fuel and to convert all eligible vehicles over time. This effort is expected to dramatically reduce the County's carbon footprint and emissions output.

Emergency preparedness is also a critical concern. Keyser is keenly aware that "in a disaster, the public relies on government agencies to make every effort to respond to emergencies and provide leadership in recovery efforts. With preparedness always in mind, we're purchasing two large capacity emergency fuel trailers that will help us in the event of catastrophic power loss or damage to the County's infrastructure." The fuel trailers will not only allow immediate response to support clearing roads and maintaining public safety but they also have the capability of using solar power to pump fuel directly from other sources such as in-ground tanks.

Fleet Services promotes a culture of driver safety awareness and education for all County staff which begins with new employee orientation and utilizes departmental Fleet Liaisons who help share information regarding vehicle care, driver safety and operator responsibilities at all levels of the organization.

Washington County Fleet Services is a division of the Department of Support Services whose mission is to provide innovative, excellent and cost-effective services that support County operations and administration, which all contribute to a healthy, safe and sustainable community for Washington County residents.

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Julie McCloud, Public Affairs & Communications Coordinator