Employee Benefits Committee Information

Mission and Objectives

The Washington County Employee Benefits Committee will take a thoughtful, methodic approach to achieving and maintaining a benefits package that meets the needs of employees while being financially sustainable for the County.  The primary objectives of the Committee are:

  • Contain the cost of the Washington County Employee Benefits Plans

  • Assist in the development and maintenance of a benefits package that is flexible and meets the needs of County employees.

  • Assist in educating County employees about their benefits package.

  • Assist in eliciting feedback from County employees regarding their benefits package.

Current Committee Members

Alex Vidal Karen Crawford Stacey Siemiller
Bobbie Taylor Kim Knudeson Stephanie Reitmajer
Carla Bennett Kimberly Trask Steve Sanford
Charless Waterman
Lee Lamirault Susan Field
Dale Yee Marti Fitzgerald Tammy McVean
Don Bohn
Mike Brunner Timothy Smith
Fred Ramstad Sara Evans Tinsia Crawshaw
Julee Howard Sara Stevenson Wayne Flynn


General Information

Committee Charter

Glossary of Common Benefit Terminology


Meeting Agendas & Minutes

2014 Agendas

Historical Meeting Minutes