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New Employees

Welcome to Washington County

Hello, I’m honored to welcome you to Washington County and on behalf of the Board of Tanya-Ange CAOCommissioners, the County Administrative Office and your many colleagues, thank you for choosing to serve the community as a member of this dynamic organization. Congratulations are in order as you’ve successfully navigated a rigorous application and selection process. As you now launch your career with the County and become a valued member of the team, your contributions are vital to our public service mission.

While we recognize and celebrate our accomplishments, we also seek to continually innovate, strengthen partnerships and build on our success by centering community need in our work. In that endeavor, we share twin responsibilities to promote public interest and maintain public trust, and to do so with an equity lens that ensures all community members have equal access to high-quality services that are provided courteously and respectfully.

Washington County is one of the most racially and ethnically diverse counties in Oregon and while we celebrate our diversity and rich cultural life, we also acknowledge a long history of racial inequities that has produced barriers for people of color, members of ethnic communities and other marginalized groups. Because these barriers are often embedded in government systems, we are committed to identifying and eliminating unfair programs, policies and practices and instead work to advance more equitable outcomes.

This is no easy task but as an organization, our commitment to you is to support your journey in establishing a successful and rewarding career in public service. By supporting and challenging one another, we will achieve our goal of creating “One Washington County” that is increasingly equitable, collaborative and responsive to community need.

In partnership,

Tanya Ange
County Administrator


Employee Onboarding Program

Washington County's Employee Onboarding Program

We have designed a comprehensive Employee Onboarding Program to help you successfully transition into your new career. As a newly hired (regular, temporary, extra-help, full-time or part-time) employee, you are required to complete the following:

  1. Employment Policies (on-line) ~ within 90 days of hire
  2. Employee Orientation (in-person) ~ within 90 days of hire
  3. Workplace Inclusion Workshop (in-person) ~ within 6 months of hire

Registration Process: All new employees are pre-registered for the above onboarding requirements and will receive a WISARD email confirmation indicating when you are scheduled for the in-person sessions. Please be sure to inform your supervisor of these dates, so you both can plan accordingly.

For in-person training dates, times and location, visit the Training Calendar.


1) Employment Policies Training

Once you have read and understand the policies in the Employment Policies Training, return your signed Policy Acknowledgement form via:

If you have questions regarding any of the policies within this training, contact your supervisor or HR Liaison.


2) Employee Orientation

success key

Human Resources has worked collaboratively with the County Administrative Office, Risk Management, Sustainability, Recycle at Work and Emergency Preparedness staff to design a comprehensive program filled with valuable information all County employees should know.

What makes Washington County a high performing organization?

  • We operate ethically and fairly
  • We hire leaders, managers and employees that are passionate about their work
  • We support good communication in the workplace
  • We create an environment of mutual respect
  • We recognize and reward staff for their contribution to the success of the organization
  • We offer our employees a competitive wage and a comprehensive benefit package
  • We invest in the learning and development of our employees
  • We have family/life friendly workplace practices

To learn more about this program, review the following:

***Save paper, toner and energy. Avoid printing whenever possible.***


3) Workplace Inclusion Workshop


Diversity Training, Cultural Awareness, Diversity and Inclusion, Cultural Competence, regardless of what the training is called, these are topics that need to be continually discussed throughout organizations to ensure that we continue to move in the right direction of simply being more inclusive of all people.

The Workplace Inclusion Workshop, which promises to be fun and interactive, provides participants with a deeper understanding of unconscious bias and how it impacts our personal and professional lives. We will also explore its effect on productivity, workplace relationships, and customer service. Once we understand our biases, we will learn how to increase our cultural intelligence as the antidote through a series of activities.

Our workshop facilitators believe becoming culturally competent is not a destination, nor is it just about figuring other people out. It is about becoming more aware of who we are in the context of the increasingly complex and culturally diverse world in which we live and work. It is a process, one of learning how to foster better relationships, how to be more productive, and how to improve job performance.

Read comments from workshop participants or visit to learn more about the Workplace Inclusion Workshop.


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